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Poster: aay disraeli zerelli Date: Apr 1, 2006 10:58am
Forum: general Subject: Seeking Best of Archive collection on hard drive

Yes I am seeking best of this archive on a hard drive, up to 65gb maybe?
Could paypal the person for collecting and discriminating and of course the media.
Everything must be assured to be in the public domain.
Does this kind of thing go on? I only get to hotspots occasionally now and am to lazy for collecting things where the format will change in a few years. or not change its hard to keep track.
eclectic is good, would like berkely science radio show, MIT courseware,educational science projects, folk music, acoustic classic classical midi files if possible, binaural nature recordings, old cartoons, a big herbal or botanical encyclopedia didn't see those two things on this site, anything like the Alternative Technologies Microfiche Library would be good ...including how to make your own microfiche or audio cylinders or whatnot, dictionaries of all the world languages would be nice pre 1650 or whenever those cruel copyrights were invented. etc etc.

Well dreaming is fun anyways.
any links to the pacifist Sammys.Komm would be cool...
or links to people who have PubDomain collections in these areas.
You would think someone would have sorted and labeled the Library of Congress site but I guess they like to throw in things just to mess with you...oh sorry old chum that woman has a steamboat willy flu mask on in that picture-diz er ay ney you know...

Oh yes and I want that darn WikiPedias entire English site.
thanks for reading and good evening

signing off ramblings
the small birds are making the best noise around here
I mean physically where I an anecdote
;< tweet

don't really have anything to trade except about 11 minutes of goofy canned sampler keyboard layering...which is only in the public domain for private listening, just in case a meteor hits me while I'm a bystander on tv